Au Pair Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Checklist


______ Please send me your host family handbook and send it to your au pair. Also, add quick directions or addresses she can enter into GPS to places she might frequent such as the kids school, parks, grocery store… Don’t forget emergency numbers.

______ Create your schedule to stay within the 45 hours, 10/hrs a day, 1½ consecutive days off per week, one weekend off per month.

______ Make sure you have coverage, if needed, for the first 3 days (Sat, Sun, Mon)

______ If you have a car for the au pair, please make sure it is safe and ready.  Check little things like taillights, etc. I recommend you have an envelope in the car with the insurance papers, etc. and explain to the au pair what is in the envelope and why.  If pulled over, she can give the envelope to the officer and doesn’t have to search around for paperwork she is not accustomed to. Good idea to have instructions about what to do if she is in an accident as well.

______ Contact homeowners insurance regarding workers compensation & car insurance company to add her to your plan.

______ Turn on old cell phone, or check with your carrier about getting a new one.  This can be done when she gets here, but if you are like me, I like to bargain shop for the best deal. If you give her an old one, you might want to keep a charger in the car to keep the battery fully charged.

______ Make sure the bedroom is clean and ready.

______ Surprise her with door decorations, kids artwork, pictures printed from her application of friends & family, pic’s of your kids, etc. to welcome her.

______ Make signs or think of something fun for when the family picks her up at the airport.  Make that first introduction memorable and lasting for her, and for your kids!!  Those ‘remember when’ memories are priceless!

______ Schedule 2 week orientation with me. Both parents (if 2 parent family) and au pair need to be present.

______ Confirm flight information and plan airport pick up

Post Arrival

*** Remember, I will call you within the first 48 hours after she arrives for our 48 hour call.  I will need to talk to you and to her.  This is the ’48 hour call’ and is mandatory.

______Plan something fun in the area to welcome her and show her around town

______Review your Household Handbook in person

______Practice driving and determine if she needs outside lessons

______Help au pair get social security number, bank account, and driver’s license (links on this site)

______ Set up direct deposit, Venmo app or Google Pay for her weekly stipend

______ Help au pair navigate school websites and get signed up for classes (links on this site for options)

______ Make sure au pair is available to attend my monthly meetings

______ Schedule (and stick to) weekly meetings with au pair for communication and organizational purposes. Do this without the kids around.

______Discuss vacation early and if she will be joining you. Reminder: her 2 weeks off is mutually agreed upon.

Monday, 2 January 2017 4:40 PM


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